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Because The World Will Never Take My Heart - 12 :iconlivinginthesky:livinginthesky 8 7
Try to get a better education. by livinginthesky Try to get a better education. :iconlivinginthesky:livinginthesky 3 3
Because The World Will Never Take My Heart - 10
As we were walking I was distracted by trying to kill the stupid butterflies in my stomach. It was our second date and we've already kissed so why were they still there?
I felt Frank pressing closer to me and I entwined our fingers. He lifted our hands and looked at them.
"I've never noticed you were wearing a ring" He said. I looked at my hand and at the silver ring I was wearing in my ring finger.
"Oh. Lindsey gave it to me for my birthday" I shrugged. "Since I lost the one I had before.. pst.."
Frank dropped our hands and muttered "Yeah. Lindsey. Of course" and I noticed a hint of jealousy in his voice. Oh god, he's jealous. He's so cute.
I grinned and put my arm around his waist, bringing him close to me and kissed his temple. "Are you jealous, Frankie?"
He scoffed and tried to push me away but I stopped walking and tightened my grip, grinning all the time. "No. Why would I?" He said while he was still trying to push me away.
"Aww, come on. You're not very good at lying did
:iconlivinginthesky:livinginthesky 8 23
You are kinda beautiful by livinginthesky You are kinda beautiful :iconlivinginthesky:livinginthesky 27 85 Somebody. by livinginthesky Somebody. :iconlivinginthesky:livinginthesky 5 326
Because The World Will Never Take My Heart - 7
A date. A date!. I had a motherfucking date. With Frank. Fuck fucking yes. I grinned all the way to the dorms.
When I walked in my dorm I was surprised to see my brother there. I grinned like a maniac to him and he looked at me weirdly.
"Mikey!" I exclaimed and threw myself at him. He landed with his back on my bed with an 'Oomph'.
"Gerard! Stop! I need air! Josh help!" I laughed and sat in my bed, still with the stupid grin plastered on my face. "What's up with you, Mr. I-grin-like-a-madman-until-my-brother-freaks-out?"
"I have a date!" I squealed. Both Josh and Mikey looked at me with wide eyes. I stopped grinning and looked at them. "What? What's wrong?"
"You? A date?" Josh asked incredulously.
"Yeah. What happened with the 'Gerard does not do relationships'?" Mikey said sitting up.
"Well, um" I said shifting in my seat "It's not like- I mean, it's a date, right. And- um, well, I d-"
"Gerard likes someone!" Mikey exclaimed. "No way, dude" I blushed and looked down because, ye
:iconlivinginthesky:livinginthesky 11 24
Because The World Will Never Take My Heart - 5
I was walking towards the dorms when I bumped into someone, sending their things to the floor.
"Shit. I'm sorry" I said and started picking things from the floor.
"Don't you say hello to the persons you bump into or what?" I heard a familiar voice say. I looked up and saw Alicia.
"Hey 'Licia" I grinned and stood up handing her her things. "Weird you are not in class drawing or painting" She chuckled and nodded.
"I know. But I needed a break. I'm going to the Coffee Shop now, wanna come?" I turned my head and looked at the Coffee Shop. I turned at her again and scratched the back of my head.
"Um.. I just came from there.. it would be weird to be there again..?"
She frowned a bit. "Oh. Why? It's not like you know someone there, do you? And, that way we can say hi to Amanda. I bet she's working now. Come on" She took a hold of my wrist an dragged me towards the Coffee Shop ignoring my whines. I didn't want Frank to think something wrong of me or something to be there again that soon.
We w
:iconlivinginthesky:livinginthesky 13 18
Because The World Will Never Take My Heart - 3
"Jooosh.." I moaned from my bed "Bring me coffee" I pouted at him. Today I had had the biggest motherfucker hangover ever, and my head still hurt. My brother throws the best parties, that's for sure. I made out with girls and boys, I don't even remember their names - did I even ask them?
"What? You had one this morning!" He said chuckling. I shrugged, pressing my head in my pillow. "DOES YOUR HEAD HURT?" He shouted and I flinched a bit. Fucker, he was doing this on purpose. I groaned and put a hand over my head.
"Shut the fuck up Josh! It still hurts" My roommate laughed loud and I wanted to cry. My head still hurt since this morning. "Come on, bring me coffee" I whined "If you do, I'll reward you with my body" I wiggled my eyebrows.
"Are you a chick and I didn't know?"
"Of course not" I narrowed my eyes at him.
"Then, sorry but no" He grinned. I mocked a fake hurt expression.
"Liar! I know you want my ass"
"Yes. I do want your ass" He said. "Out of the bed" I flipped him off an
:iconlivinginthesky:livinginthesky 9 43
The Happiest Fuckin' Place on Earth
“Focus on me, Frankie,” said Gerard, his voice desperate, demanding. “Just focus.”

Frank looked back up at Gerard. He was so beautiful. Frank loved him.

“I love you,” he said.

“What? Frankie, look at me. You’re slurring your words. What?”

“I love you,” Frank yelled, trying to shake back the bone-tired feeling washing over him. “Wanted to tell you...before...”

"We're secretly married"

Now My Feet Can Touch The Ground
Gerard sighed. "Look, Frank, I just. I'm not sure if this is a good idea."

Frank lifted their still linked hands. "Neither am I, to be perfectly honest. But." he sighed and untangled their fingers, fixing his gaze on Gerard's. "If you can tell me, honestly, to my face, that you don't want this, I'll back off. I'll leave you alone, not bother you again, the whole nine yards. But you- There's something there, Gerard, can you honestly tell me you don't feel a single thing?"

A long silence fell, and Frank squeezed his eyes shut when Gerard didn't say a thing. Oh. So this was what being heart-broken felt like, he thought feebly. He was just about to get up when Gerard's fingers twined through his own, and he felt the iron grip on his lungs loosen.

"You'd better not got any spots on those jeans, y'know," Gerard smirked hesitantly and Frank laughed and pressed his lips to Gerard's.

"C'mon, Romeo," he said, smiling against Gerard's lips, "let's go home."


I'll warm you by MissFreakyLuce I'll warm you :iconmissfreakyluce:MissFreakyLuce 144 47
This makes me really sad.
I could get really fucking pissed off and say that I hate this guy and everyone misusing 'amen' to what he was saying.
But, you know what, no. I'm going to be the better person here. I don't hate people, in fact, what I'm standing up for is love. Love. Not locking people who are just loving eachother in a giant pen with an electrocuted fence for the rest of their lives.
That is so cruel and unjust and, I'm just going to say it, fucking ridiculous, that I can't even wrap my mind around it. You're treating intelligent, loving, wonderful human beings as you would treat cockroaches. Not even that, with cockroaches you'd just step on 'em and that would be the end, but no, instead you want to slowly starve 'lesbians and queers' until they die. Do you even understand how painful a death by starvation is? Not to mention, they would be cut off from everyone else they happen to love.
And what, in th
:iconkilljoyatheart:KilljoyAtHeart 8 22
20 Seconds.
Frank Iero and Gerard Way lay sprawled out on their backs in the trunk of Gerard's truck, staring up at the pollution fogged night sky.
"Jesus, Manhattan fucking wrecks the sky, huh," Frank said absently, hands behind his head.
Gerard glanced over at him, then nodded. "Yeah. But it's kinda nice, in a way."
Frank spectacularly eyerolled his gaze to Gerard's face. "The pollution is nice? How so?"
"Well, you know. It's...familiar. I mean, it would be great and all if the world was clean and healthy and New York didn't spew its shit into the sky all the time, but as it is, it's okay. It's what I've always known, I guess." He didn't meet Frank's gaze, just chewed his lip and swallowed nervously.
"Well, sure," Frank said quietly after a pause, "but didn't you ever like...want something different from usual? Out of the ordinary?"
Gerard was silent, then, "Not really. I like being normal."
Frank stared at him. "Says the boy who draws hordes of zombie unicorns disemboweling his enemies,
:iconkilljoyatheart:KilljoyAtHeart 94 74
/ feel bad
I used to talk to livinginthesky every day and when she really needed someone to talk to I wasn't there.
Sylvia? Self harm won't make it better. It does at the time, when you're angry and sad and just want to take it out on someone but that someone should never be yourself. When I was 13 I used to get to angry I'd scratch at my wrists til they bled. It made me feel better but afterwards...all the questions people would ask and the worry someone will see that scars, isn't worth it in the end. I can't tell you to stop but just think about what you're doing? It's really not worth it. I wish I hadn't done it and you will too.
ILY BBY :heart:
:iconxxmorningxx:xxMorningxx 1 1
Be happy by MoochingLeech Be happy :iconmoochingleech:MoochingLeech 99 56 I'm with you. by MoochingLeech I'm with you. :iconmoochingleech:MoochingLeech 466 114
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Bad Romance :iconcock-zero:cock-zero 28 35
Gerard Way 1412 by MarlaMzkn Gerard Way 1412 :iconmarlamzkn:MarlaMzkn 304 39
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I've Seen This Movie, And I Don't See The Sequel22 :iconthechimnysweep:TheChimnySweep 15 52
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I've Seen This Movie, And I Don't See The Sequel21 :iconthechimnysweep:TheChimnySweep 15 42
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Dancing With The Devil :17-?: :iconthechimnysweep:TheChimnySweep 22 23
009. Fizz by MoochingLeech 009. Fizz :iconmoochingleech:MoochingLeech 272 52 Frank Iero Final by DimkaIvashkov Frank Iero Final :icondimkaivashkov:DimkaIvashkov 74 35
Mature content
Lithium 23 :iconthechimnysweep:TheChimnySweep 8 30

Tell me when the world is ending you won’t be there still pretending. I was just someone you would love to love, but never love. I know people without substance will fill themselves with substances. But then, honey child, there was us, there still is.




"And though my tongue may be sharp at times, in my heart I believe in us"

how's it going

(no one answers. ok.)


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